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Skateparks: A South African Directory was born out of the realization that South African's young and old are in desperate need of recreational and sporting facilities within their communities. We believe that recreational facilities are a right that all people are entitled to and the key to happy and healthy communities  

Skateparks: A South African Directory is dedicated to those who make up this community. The ordinary guys and girls whose dedication and passion for the sport and culture are what drive the movement. Without you there would be no brands, events, professional skaters or a reason for the sport at all. It is dedicated to those who love the sport enough to give up their time and energy and support those who take part and love the sport and movement.

Skateboarding is more than a sport it is a lifestyle and a culture that instils in people values such as determination, perseverance and co-operation. It has the ability to unify and generate friendships and a sense of community.

  This site is here for you to connect with people in the skateboarding community and agitate for your right to these facilities and to those who can assist you and ensure you get your parks built.

Skateparks: A South African directory has organized and run a number of highly successful Skateboarding competitions and supports and promotes local events brands and skate boarders. We provide a number of services which include event management and social media marketing.

We have over time evolved into more than just a social media and information platform. Our Facebook page is the go to page for what’s happening in the world of skateboarding. We now offer you the opportunity to feature your Brand, Shop, Services, Park, or anything related to skateboarding

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Skateparks: A South African Directory" would like to see Skate Parks built in every Town and City in South Africa






Contact Us 

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Cell: 0614773477

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